What is the `Big (IDEA)’ behind this project?

Based on the Zedi, n (zed-ee) from Zedi – Stupa is a traditional Buddhist monument consisting of a solid gently tapering cylindrical cone that represents the steps to enlightenment.

Architecturally, Zedi Hair Salon takes steps to hair enlightenment with tranquility and comfort incorporated in the collective functions of cutting, washing, grooming and colouring. The zedi motif is used to divide spaces, provide social connections between levels and enhance natural  lighting to the main hair cutting area downstairs. This project promotes awareness about our consumption and prepares the architectural form to evolve dependent on the patrons of the salon.

How did you maximise the project’s outcome through used resources and existing restrictions?

At the design stage the existing building fabric was analysed to recognise materials remaining, potential materials salvaged during demolition (vinyl flooring), incorporation of recycled materials (recycled blackbutt flooring and recycled woollen carpet for reception couch). The design was to use off-cuts of construction wastes (slithers of plywood for tabletops and other trimmings), forecasting useable materials accumulated during operation (cut hair and shampoo bottles) and designing for longevity by preparing for replacement of individual components likely to suffer wear and tear during operation (fluted pads of the hair cutting chairs).

At the construction stage existing vinyl flooring glued to masonite was removed during demolition, re-cut, wiped down, prototyped and then used as internal cladding for walls.

And at the operation stage cut hair from the patrons of the salon will be laminated into A3 sheets and used shampoo bottles are washed and retained for future use as part of the evolving building fabric design.



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