The Zedi stupa, from which the establishment’s name comes, is a Buddhist monument consisting of a solid, gently tapering cylindrical cone that represents the steps to enlightenment.

Following the tradition of its namesake, Zedi Hair Salon offers steps to “hair enlightenment” in a tranquil and comfortable surrounding where hair cutting, washing, grooming and colouring take place. The zedi motif is used to divide spaces , provide social connections between levels and enhance natural lighting to the main hair-cutting area downstairs.

This project consciously promotes an awareness of consumption habits, of waste and the idea of architectural forms
being dependent on business growth. Hair cuttings and used shampoo bottles decorate the salon’s interior: hair cuttings are laminated and arranged in the form of a giant lotus suspended from the ceiling above the main hair cutting floor (forming the dome of the zedi); and empty shampoo bottles form an abacus-like screen between the cutting and washing areas.

The recycled elements illustrate the salon’s history, its built fabric growing with its business and patronage over time. Waste build up today means recycling tomorrow and, with it, the development of the salon’s architectural form.

Recycled and redesigned furnishings are used throughout the salon. Used carpets – redesigned into couches of various shapes and sizes – are placed in the salon’s waiting area. Ergonomic chairs in the hair-cutting area have padded panels designed for longevity; each panel damaged by wear and tear can be replaced without having to purchase new chairs. Vinyl flooring removed during refurbishment – exposing the timber floor beneath – is cut into tiles and refashioned as wall cladding. The more waste is created, the more reconditioning will occ ur as part of the salon’s future architec
tural fabric.


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