Style with spirit

Playfully drawing on some of a zedi’s architectural features, Fitzroy’s Zedi is actually a whole lot more modern and vibrant that its spiritual inspiration. But the salon’s busy energy, light-filled space and relaxed vibe is just one aspect of Zedi. There’s also the Zedi team; style-savvy and focussed on great service and great hair.

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Customers with edge

With a focus on quality, contemporary style and an uncompromising approach to customer service, Zedi has achieved a balance between inner-urban style and inner peace.

A young, artistic, and design-oriented clientele frequent the salon, enjoying Zedi’s refreshing approach to hairdressing in a tranquil environment.

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How Zedi was created

Imagine a place bustling with energy and people, yet tranquil and inspiring. Zedi’s Adrian Clarke was travelling in Asia when he experienced this incredible feeling in a Burmese zedi, or Buddhist temple. Inspired by the capacity for a well-crafted environment to create a profound personal impact, Adrian set about creating a hairdressing salon that was vibrant and stimulating while also being peaceful and calming.